Your Baby & Eczema - How To Treat It

Eczema is a condition that can leave skin sore, red, itchy, and painful. No one is certain what causes eczema, though genes may play a role. What we do know is that it’s a type of allergic reaction that causes the skin to “flare up”, causing inflammation, itchiness and soreness. Having eczema means the skins barrier doesn’t work as it should, making it drier and prone to cracking. It’s a common condition that, as of yet, has no cure – but it can be controlled with the right treatments.

But what’s the best way to care for a baby with eczema? Their skin is much more fragile and sensitive, and it can be very uncomfortable and sore if the condition is left untreated. Children and babies are much more likely to scratch and make the condition worse, which can even lead to infections and scars.

Depending on the severity of your child’s eczema, there are products that can help alleviate the condition and sooth itchy, sore skin. We’ve compiled a list of natural balms and ointments that can help, yet are gentle enough even for the most sensitive of skins – even babies.

Green People Company Organic Baby Salve has Lavender to help soothe skin and is ideal for everything from scalps to bottoms. Made from 92% organic ingredients, it’s a top selling rescue salve that can help soothe other skin irritations too, such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

Pure Potions Lavender Nappy Salve is a great salve to keep eczema at bay – used every day, it helps repel dampness that can cause skin irritation. It’s also a great multi-tasker and can be used for dribble rash or cradle cap; it can even be used as a lip balm or hand cream for adults! Ideal for keeping in your baby changing kit, it contains no petrochemicals, parabens or preservatives.

If your babies face is affected by eczema, you’re going to need something even more gentle to combat it – baby skin is five times thinner than adult skin, and more prone to moisture loss. Weleda Calendula Face Cream is specifically made for this gentle skin, and the organic ingredients protects and moisturise by sinking in quickly. There’s also a separate cream for the body - Weleda Calendula Moisturising Body Cream – that’s great for protecting skin from chafing, weather or general environmental changes like indoor heating.

The most commonly affected areas on a baby are their faces, hands, necks, elbows, and the back of their knees, so it’s important to pay extra attention to these areas. Even if your babies eczema isn’t currently flaring up, the best way to keep one from occurring is to prevent it – so keep your babies skin well moisturised, particularly after baths. Always do a patch test if your baby has extra sensitive skin.


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