Winter Skin Routine

Having a skin care routine is important for hydrated, healthy, smooth skin. What you put on your face each day has a dramatic effect on the overall health and appearance of your skin, and as we age adapting our routines to cater to the different effects aging has is important for maintenance. But the seasons also have an effect – winter in particular can be harsh to the skin, so it’s vital we adapt our skin care products to make up for the loss of hydration and to protect from that harsh cold.

Here’s some of our top winter picks to keep your skin beautiful this winter!

The skin on your face takes a beating during the winter as it’s constantly unprotected, but that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t feel the effects too! To keep skin protected and deeply hydrated, use an oil after showering to lock in moisture and keep skin soft. Alba Botanica Kukui Nut Organic Body Oil leaves skin smelling as well as feeling fantastic, plus it absorbs quickly meaning it’s great for morning use too.

 Using a face mask once a week will keep skin hydrated and protected from harsh winter conditions. Pacifica Wakeup Beautiful Hydration Mask is a fantastic deeply nourishing mask packed with lipids and antioxidants that will leaves skin refreshed, quenched, and dewy.

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The skin regenerates twice as fast while we sleep, so it’s a good idea to up the intensity of your night cream to something deeply hydrating. Faith In Nature Intensive Moisturising Night Cream will do just that, nourishing and protecting the sensitive skin on the face while helping restore the skins natural balance.

For especially dry areas of the body, it’s good to have an all-rounder to help heal and also prevent uncomfortable areas of dryness. Allergenics Emollient Cream contains soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help the driest of skins – it’s perfect for even the most sensitive of skins, including those with eczema and dermatitis.

We recommend adding an oil into your skin care routine especially during the winter as oils can penetrate deeper into the skin and help plump and hydrate. Sukin Rose Hip Oil Dropper can be added to your night cream or used underneath as an intense boost of hydration. It contains powerful anti-aging properties, too!



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