Meet The Team!


Meet our dedicated team of workers who love all things Natural!

Together, they're a versatile group with different areas of expertise to bring you the content you see each and every day.




NAME: Adam Stubley

JOB ROLE: Commercial Director

FAVOURITE PRODUCTTriumph & Disaster Gameface Moisturiser 90ml. Absolutely love this brand, it’s retro but uber cool at the same time. The moisturiser smells great and applies well, giving you a real get-up-and-go feeling. The No Parabens & SLS reassures me that what my body is absorbing through my skin is good for me & contains no nasties. 90ml seems to last ages too which is a bonus!

RANDOM FACT: Peanut butter & Tomato Ketchup sandwiches are my ultimate meal!



NAME: Rachel LawrenceRach-Final

JOB ROLE : Campaign Manager. The newest to the fold, I am tasked with keeping the marketing side of Naturally Better You running smoothly, so all the beautiful content you see comes out in good time!

FAVOURITE PRODUCT: Dr Bronner Organic Rose Castile Liquid Soap is my absolute dream product! As a vegan, I adore the fact the ingredients are so clean - it’s such a versatile product and I can use it for almost everything. My everyday essential!

RANDOM FACT: I have a huge love (cough, obsession) for Dinosaurs & prehistoric birds… I managed to keep a lid on it until meeting Brad, who is just as obsessed! Now we are making a Dinosaur emporium in our office… someone should really do something about that, we’ve all seen Jurassic park, this can only end one way!




NAME: Melissa Keen

ROLE: Content Coordinator & Beauty Expert. I’m in charge of all the written content you see for NBY, and I’m the go-to person for all things beauty related! I’ve spent years working for numerous premium beauty brands and as a makeup artist/skin care advisor, so my job is to share my expertise and get you the most out of your products!

FAVOURITE PRODUCT: Oh God, this is too difficult… can I choose more than one? I love the Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner (it’s so refreshing and fab for any skin type) and I love the Saaf Hydrating Body Balm for an amazing at-home spa experience!

RANDOM FACT: If I didn’t work in beauty, I’d definitely work with animals – I love them!



NAME: Bradley Rutland-Jones Brad-Final

ROLE: Graphic Designer. Anything with an image on I probably had something to do with!

FAVOURITE PRODUCT: I love Jason! Jason Age Renewal Vitamin 25,000 I.U. is a favourite (starting the anti-aging as early as I can – prevention is the key, right?) and I’m currently trying out the Jason Hydrating Hemp Hand & Body Lotion for my dry hands – so far, so good!

RANDOM FACT: I sent my Macbook away for repair at the Macbook hospital and 6 months later when it returned I was that excited I threw it a welcome home party… I wish I was joking!

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