Revitalize & Protect Your Coloured Hair - The Natural Way

Nothing updates your style quite like changing your hair! A fresh, beautiful, glossy colour is sure to turn heads – but, unfortunately, dying your hair can be quite damaging!

Ingredients like ammonia can really damage locks, as well running the risk of nasty allergic reactions. All of the hair dyes here at Naturally Better You are safer alternatives to those damaging dyes, meaning hair is healthy and strong – not to mention beautifully coloured!

We’ve put together some products that will help protect, strengthen, and revitalize coloured hair – the Natural way!

Natura Siberica Coloured & Damaged Hair Shampoo & Conditioner is a good way to care for coloured hair with every wash. It gently protects colour-treated hair whilst effectively cleansing and conditioning for long-lasting colour!

If your hair is coloured a particularly vibrant shade, like red, try Giovanni Remarkably Red Shampoo. Reds fade faster than other colours, so keep it vibrant with this concoction of goji, pomegranate and cranberry extract.  

Naturint 3 In 1 Restructuring Spray is packed with organic plant and seed oils that help maintain health hair whilst promoting colour that doesn’t fade. Use frequently between colour applications for more even, long-lasting colour!

Surya Brasil Restorative Hair Mask is a creamy mask that’s great for giving hair a weekly pick-me-up! As well as keeping hair shiny and the colour rich, it also provides a deep treatment to dry, brittle hair. Wrap a hot towel around hair whilst this is on to really help it penetrate deep into the hair follicles.

Surya Brasil Leave In Conditioner is perfect for giving hair the added support and protection needed to keep coloured hair in beautiful condition. This protects from not only treatments and styling but also environmental factors, like the sun – it’s perfect for a day at the beach!

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