How to Avoid Ingrowing Hairs in Time For Summer

The weather is FINALLY starting to hot up and it’s time to get your short shorts and floaty dresses out of storage! Long, warm summer days mean we can finally wear less layers – which also means our pins will be on full display for the first time in ages!

But shaving your legs (or any body part for that matter) after a long time being covered up can lead to horrible, uncomfortable red bumps if not done correctly. Ingrowing hairs happen to nearly everyone at some point – they’re caused by recently cut hairs growing out and into themselves again, leading to little unattractive bumps that can sometimes cause infection.

Follow our simple instructions to avoid ingrown hairs and achieve soft, hair-free, baby-smooth legs you’ll be proud to show off!

Before shaving, have a shower or bath to warm and soften the skin. Baths are more effective as the heat of the water will also help to open up the pores. Use Pure Potions Skin Salvation Bath And Body Oil in the water to really soften and moisturize your skin; it has Sunflower Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Oil to help give skin a soft, smooth appearance. The oil will help your razor glide better, meaning you’re less likely to nick your skin, too.

Next, it’s time to exfoliate! Exfoliating is an important step to help slough off dead skin cells, meaning not only will you prevent ingrown hairs but your shave will be closer and smoother. Faith In Nature Exfoliating Face & Body Polish is packed with Blackcurrant Extract and Organic Calendula to help purify skin as well as gently polish to leave skin fresh and revitalised. It’s a gentle, Hypoallergenic scrub that’s ideal even if you have sensitive skin.

Shaving legs

It’s time to shave! Alba Botanica Mango Vanilla Shave Cream will help eliminate roughness and provide a smooth, effortless razor glide! It’s got Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Mango & Vanilla to help moisturise and soften unwanted hair, whilst also preventing cuts and irritation. Always use a fresh, clean razor (brand new if you prefer disposable razors) as this will create a closer shave! Shave against the hair growth (UP the leg) and rinse the blades between strokes; try to avoid shaving the same area twice.

Once finished, it’s time to trap water and hydrate the skin! Saaf Eraser Body Oil helps calm irritated, itchy skin and promote healthy skin renewal to keep skin looking its best. With its totally natural & pure organic ingredients including Rosehip Oil and Mandarin, it’ll help keep skin supple and smooth, hydrating dry skin and leaving legs looking like silk!

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