Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Along with aging, dark circles and under eye puffiness are a number one concern for many people. Busy lives and a lack of sleep contribute to the unsightly appearance, but some under eye darkness can be hereditary and much more difficult to reduce. A good night’s sleep, drinking plenty of water and a good skin care routine can all help lighten the eye area – but if you’re ready for some more harder-hitting products, take a look at our top picks of natural products designed specifically for this delicate area!

Green People Dark Circles Removal is great for people with darkness around the eyes; it firms eyes using phyto science, and is clinically proven to have an immediate lightening effect on over 90% of the women that used it. Alcohol free and anti-inflammatory, it’s great even with those with the most sensitive of skin.


Alba Botanica Green Tea Eye Gel is packed with antioxidants that are great for brightening the under eye area. Green tea (along with chamomile and cucumber) are refreshing, soothing ingredients that can help reduce puffiness, leaving eyes looking awake and well-rested.


If you prefer a lightweight cream, look no further than Natura Siberica Siberian Ginseng Eye Cream-Gel. This cream-gel gives a visibly bright appearance to the eyes using Siberian Ginseng, an ingredient famous for its adaptogenic properties – it’s also packed with minerals, working well as an antioxidant. It also deeply moisturises the eye area, restoring skin suppleness.


Dead Sea Spa Magik Diamond Age Response Eye Cream is developed specifically to address dark cicles and puffiness around the eyes. Dead sea minerals along with Vitamin B5 and Jojoba Oil will help reduce the appearance of fine lines around the delicate eye area. With results visible in just 4 weeks, it’s a miracle worker!


If you’re experiencing a lack of elasticity that’s resulting in sagging skin, try Ekia Organic Gel Lift Paupieres (Eyelid Lifting Serum). This eye serum regenerates, lifts and firms using Dragon’s Blood Sap, an ingreidnet used for years by the Amazonian tribes for its amazing anti-aging properties. This serum is also great as a makeup base.


If you want instant results, try Pacifica Dream Lit Under Eye Brightener. This under eye brightener helps reflect light away, creating the illusion of a brighter under eye. It’s also hydrating and uses natural minerals to minimize dark lines and circles. Simply tap a couple of drops gently under the eye area with your ring finger.

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