About Us

As a team we’ve always been fanatical about great product selection and we felt our existing websites didn’t offer us enough room to present our growing passion and Naturally Better You was born. We’re all about the Community of You, You the Shopper, You the Brand, You the Advocate.

You the Shopper – we like to think we’re in it together, we know you look for the best product range and we strive every day to deliver that.

You the Brand – we are a responsible retailer, we love nothing more than supporting unknown brands and supporting them on their journey.

You the Advocate – we love to reward all the people who share our vision and we’re especially happy when we hear than you can’t get enough of our products, and that gets you talking, together we’re a community and you are an amazing part of it.

We’re passionate by nature, and love nothing more than finding, testing and using a selection of the best natural and organic health, beauty & wellbeing products in the world. We enjoy championing an unknown Brand, getting it in the hands of our Shoppers and letting it convert them into an Advocate, we all love to have tried it first.

We hand-pick all our products and we make sure they’re thoroughly tested (that’s the fun part). We would never sell a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves. As such, all products must be made from natural and organic ingredients; ensuring they are ethically sourced but not compromising on efficacy.

Our ‘Free From’ policy ensures all products are approved free from a wide range of ingredients we know our Shoppers want to avoid.

We work with some of the largest global and the smallest brands on the planet, and strive to offer our Shoppers the most innovate and comprehensive product range, from Skincare, Bodycare, Haircare, Personal Care, Oral Care, Make-Up, Health & Wellbeing, Men, Mother & Baby, Children and Travel.

Our expert customer care team can offer guidance and reassurance on our product selection. This coupled with same day dispatch keeps our Shoppers coming back time and time again.